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“My Car Battery Is Dead!” Now What"

First, let's help you, and try and get your drained battery some help at the same time. We have attached a diagram that shows just how to jump start your vehicle.

Car Battery

The larger question is WHY your battery died. Is it old and corroded? Or is there another reason that caused the battery to die? Before you spend money and just pop a new battery in, you should know why so that you are not left stranded again. Did you leave the interior light on? What about the light in your glove box? Is there another off key, (when the key is not in the ignition), reason for the drain? Is your car's computer pulling too much current? Let our experts perform an evaluation of your vehicle so that you can be confident of its reliability.

We are the experts in Baltimore when it comes to automotive mantenance and car repair! Proper mantenance keeps you rolling and your car reliable. If you aren't our customer you should be! Remember, a healthy car gets you far!


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