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“My Car Is Shaking”

My Car Is Shaking

“Why is my car shaking? There are different reasons that a car might feel shaky to you First, you need to consider WHEN it shakes. Does it shake while you are sitting still? If this is the case, there could be something going on with your engine. Does your car shake when you are applying the brake pedal? This is usually caused by a brake issue. If your car shakes while driving at a moderate speed, (around 40 mph), then you most likely have a tire balance issue. There are many reasons why you may feel your car shake or vibrate It could even be as simple as the need for a tire rotation or wheel balancing. The point is that a certified auto mechanic should evaluate your car to ensure a safe smooth ride for you and your love ones! Our certfied mechanics are here ready to address this, or any other vehicle related issue. Just remember, “A Healthy Car goes Far!” #Brakerepair “autorepair #tires


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