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“Presidential”Tire Safety Tip

“Presidential”Tire Safety Tip

It seems fitting to impart a little “Presidential” wisdom today, being President's Day, on tire safety. Have you heard of the old penny or Lincoln method of determining if you had enough tread left on your tire? You would place a penny, with Lincoln's head facing down in your tires tread. If you could see the top of his head then you knew that you needed new tires. This method is based on the thinking that tires should be replaced when the tire tread remaining measured 2/32 nd of an inch. However when it reaches the 2/32 nd measurement, it's actually too late. A better idea is to use a quarter, inserting upside down, into the tread. If you can see the top of George Washington's head, your tread is measuring 4/32 and your tires will need to be replaced.


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