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“When Do I Need To Change My Battery?”


That's a good question for Baltimore drivers. All batteries wear out and need to be replaced – but some are replaced before their time.

If your battery is dying and you need a jump-start, it could very well be that you have a bad battery. But Baltimore drivers should have Frame Rite Automotive Service test the battery first to see if it's actually bad. The problem could be parasitic drain or a bad alternator that's not properly charging your battery.

And Baltimore drivers in this situation also need to have their service advisor check their alternator and have it tested. A surprisingly high percentage of “bad” alternators brought into Frame Rite Automotive Service in Baltimore are actually just fine: the problem is a worn serpentine belt and/or belt tensioner. If the belt is slipping, it's not spinning the alternator properly so it can't fully charge the battery.

Batteries last longer in colder climates and wear out faster in warmer MD climates. We want to remind Baltimore drivers that, on average, 70% of batteries fail within four years. Many MD automotive experts recommend replacing your battery every five years. This will reduce the chances of being stranded on a local street with a dead battery as well as prevent undue wear on your alternator.

The good news is that your battery is tested EVERY time you come in for an oil change. This is one way that we give you the confidence in the reliability of your vehicle! If your vehicle does need a new battery there is a rebate being offered for up to $25, in the form of a pre-paid visa card on qualifying NAPA batteries.


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