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“Why Isn’t My Air Conditioner Blowing Cold Air?”

Cold Air

With the temperatures heating up we are starting to hear this question a lot. There are several reasons why your a/c may not be blowing the cold air that you were looking for. Your air conditiong system uses a gas called refrigerant and when the level of refrigerant is low, the air you are feeling may not be as cool as you would like. In fact, it could even be pretty warm! This could be due to small leaks in the system and is the most common reason for your problem. Another reason could be electrical in nature. Between the switch on the dash and out to the compressor, there are relays and sensors that can keep your compressor from working properly.

Your first step is to have our certified technician connect gauges to determine the refrigerant level in the air conditioning system. If it is determined that there is a lack of refrigerant, some will be added to search for a leak. An electronic leak detector would be the first tool used to determine where the system is leaking refrigerant. Sometimes the leak is so small that a dye is inserted and the system is run for a week or two to allow the dye to show where the leak is. Properly repaired the a/c system should run a long time without problems.

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