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Can My Rusted Toyota Frame Be Repaired?

Rusted Toyota

Can my rusted Toyota frame be repaired? In most cases yes. The common rust out areas on Tacoma's and 4-Runners can usually be repaired by installing repair kits that until recently became available in the aftermarket. Performing these repairs will bring the vehicle back to service safely when prevoiusly it would be headed for the junk yard. The preparation for the installation of the caps is quite extensive. All rusted out areas are cut out and the remaining metal is resurfaced to be treated with rust inhibitor and and painted. Though the cap kits are good they require some work as to creating the holes for brackets and side steps to be bolted back in place. All in all the finished product is very nice when complete. If you have any issue with your rusted Toyota frame bring it to us for advice on what can be done!


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