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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Should I Get An Alignment ?

I hit a pothole very hard and my truck does not feel right. Should I get my alignment checked? Absolutely have your vehicle checked for any damage that may have occurred. Small changes to the alignment can cause major tire wear in a short period of time. Sometimes suspension and steering components bend or break due to the impact. Sometimes a dangerous situation has occured where as the ball joint stud has spread the tapered mounting hole in the steering knuckle. A situation like this is dangerous as the ball joint stud could snap off as the only thing keeping it from coming out of the knuckle is the lock nut. Having your vehicle inspected by our experienced technicians to determine what has happened to your vehicle at Framerite Auto Repair will keep you driving safely and securely


Auto Maintenance

Can My Rusted Toyota Frame Be Repaired?

Can my rusted Toyota Tacoma frame be repaired? Depending on the severity of the rust and where the damage is the answer is probably. Tacoma’s generally rust through in the same areas. When we inspect the damage it is usually located from the center of the frame rails to the rear leaf spring front mounting bracket area. The good news we have access to repair kits that allow us to save the vehicle from going to the salvage yard. Once repaired your Tacoma will be good to go for many years. Give us a call so we can take a look at your vehicle to see if it can be repaired


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What do you look for when you search for a mechanic near me?

What do you look for when you search for a mechanic near me? Has the business been around a long time? Does the business employ ASE certified technicians? What is the experience level of the technicians? Is the shop udated with the latest technology and equipment? What is the warranty on repairs and does that warranty cover you around the country? Here at Framerite Auto Repair we are celebrating 65 years in business February 2019! Our technicians are ASE certified with over 90 years experience. As a NapaAutocare Center we offer a 36 month or 36,000 mile nationwide warranty. We subscribe to several services to have the latest information to keep your vehicle running like new. Give us a call so we can take care of you


Auto Maintenance
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