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Monthly Archives: March 2023

Car Repairs You Shouldn’t Do On Your Own

The internet can provide a wealth of information, making the layman an expert.  Or at least in the eyes of the layman.  Trying to perform dangerous or complicated repairs that you haven’t mastered can lead to a catastrophe.  Many doctors will tell you not to read the internet when trying to self-diagnose yourself.  Not only can it lead to unnecessary stress, but you could try a treatment that actually makes the condition worse.  The same can be said for homes, or investing, or cars.  Yes, the plethora of online videos and tutorials has probably helped the general public become more in tune with their vehicles and overall, the knowledge level has increased for some.  However, there are some things you should just not mess with if you are not a certified auto technician. One golden rule that pretty much holds true across all industries and objects is that you should not touch electrical work if you aren’t a technician or electrician.  ... read more

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