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Monthly Archives: May 2020

Should I Be Worried About My Suspension On Baltimore Streets?

Should I Be Worried About My Suspension On Baltimore Streets?

Should I be worried about my suspension with the condition of the streets in Baltimore? The answer is yes! Anywhere you travel the system that connects your wheels to your vehicle is your suspension. Every time you hit a pothole, a bump or an object in the road your suspension has to absorb that punishment.  As you can imagine, the suspension on your vehicle has lots of joints, bushings and pivot points that allow your wheels to move up and down and allow you to turn and steer. These parts include ball joints, tie rod ends, pitman and idler arms as well as many bushings. They simply wear out over time or become damaged due to the harshness they have to endure. As they wear handling and steering develop a loose feel and may include strange noises. Sometimes a loose or worn suspension part can put stress on another part causing premature failure. Usually the first sign of suspension problems is you will notice that your tires are wearing irregularly. If you feel the handling on your ... read more


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