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Monthly Archives: September 2021

Are you an A or B level Automotive Technician?

Are you an A or B level Automotive Technician? Are you tired of working late and on weekends just to make ends meet? Have you had to deal with being treated like a piece of meat instead of being respected as a professional? We have all been there. But there are alternatives! Here at Framerite Auto Repair, our Automotive Technicians are treated like family. We put an emphasis on showing our Automotive Technicians the respect they deserve. The owner, Bill Taylor comes from the technician side of the business. He knows the difficulties you face everyday, from ever changing technology to vehicles designed by somebody that never has to work on them. We value your expertise, we want your input on how to increase productivity and want you to feel like an integral part of the team. Automotive Technicians have been looked down on by society for far too long and we are lifting up our profession to improve the lives of our people. If you are tired of not being appreciated because of the profess ... read more

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