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Getting Your Car Ready For Winter

Cooler temperatures are here and winter is sure to follow. Is your car ready for the cold weather? There are several things to check to make sure that your car is ready. First check your battery.The cold weather is very hard on your battery. As much as two times the normal current could be required when the temperatures are really low. A technician should run a battery test on your vehicle. Second, check your antifreeze. Your cooling system should be a 50/50 antifreeze and water mix to prevent freezing. Third, make sure that you wiper blades are in good shape to clear your windows. Also, check the state of your tires. Make sure they have good tread and are not dry rot. Also make sure that they have the correct amount of air in them. In order to be fully prepared, your vehicle should get a look over by an experienced technician. What's going on under your hood?? #coolingsystem #battery #wintercarmaintenance



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