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How Much To Fix My Frame?

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How much to fix my frame? We hear that often from a customer after they have tried to have an alignment performed at a tire store. The tire store can”t get the alignment angles to where they need to be and assume the problem is a bent frame. To give an accurate estimate of what it will take to get the vehicle back in alignment we need to diagnose the problem. First we take alignment measurements so they give us a idea of what is the concern and at what wheel(s). Then our technicians determine from the alignment measurements and futher examination of the suspension, frame and/or unibody what is bent, what can be straightened and what needs to be replaced. Occasionally we can perform an alignment with installing aftermarket products that allow for adjustment where the factory does not give us any. In either case we have been returning vehicles back into proper alignment for 64 years. Give us a call, we can help you too!


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