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Is Your Car Road Trip Ready?


The temperatures are heating up, the travel season is officially here and you are so ready! But… is your car ready? Your car should be inspected before taking a trip to ensure that you arrive safely and without unexpected delays and bills. Generally speaking all your fluids should be inspected and topped off, your tires should be checked for condition and the correct amount of air pressure, and your battery should be checked as well. One tip is to also check the condition and the amount of air pressure in your spare. They are often neglected but are very important if the need arises. Your air filter should be changed if not done recently. Your oil level should at least be checked s get your oil and filter changed if they are due. Check all your lights and wipers to be sure they are working properly. Your brakes should be checked, as well as your suspension parts. Let's not forget your air conditioner; you definitely want to be cool while traveling. You should also be sure to have a first aid kit packed as well as equipment in the event you would become disabled. This list is not meant to be all inclusive, but it does give you some things to consider.

Our technicians can take a big load off your “to do” list by taking care of your pre-trip inspection for you. This allows you more time to pack and actually arrive at your destination sooner.

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