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Shocking Discovery!

Shocking Discovery!

Can change be shocking to your radio? Yes! We had a 2011 Subaru Forester with a complaint that the radio did not work. First thing to check was the fuse that controls the power to the radio which was blown. We installed a new fuse and everything came back to life. But why did the fuse blow in the first place? After a short test drive the radio was not functioning again. The technician confirmed the fuse was blown again and the circuit remained a dead short. When looking over the wiring diagram we could separate the circuit in two halves. When we did this the radio side of the circuit still had the short. Tracing the wiring back to the radio we found no obvious wiring exposed. We removed the radio and the problem disappeared. Shaking the radio revealed the problem. The children had been inserting coins and a paper clip into the CD drive causing a short across the circuit board in the bottom of the radio. Once the coins & paper clip were removed everything is working properly. G ... read more

What Is That Fluid Under My Car?

What Is That Fluid Under My Car?

Have you noticed a puddle of fluid under your car and wondered what it was? That fluid could me something as simple as condensation from your air conditioner to gas or brake fluid. The condensation is quite normal and is to be expected. Windshield fluid is blue in color and if leaking is usually due to a small leal or tear in the line. This is not a serious issue but a repair will help you with cleaning your windshield, especially with all the salt on the roads right now. An antifreeze or coolant leak can be one of several colors, from light green, blue, orange, gold or red, to name a few. This leak could lead to you on the side of the road, overheating and waiting for a tow truck. If the leak is gasoline you will smell it, even while not running your vehicle. This will also lead to a “leak” in your wallet, causing you to literally lose money in gas. This could be a dangerous situation and should be evaluated by a mechanic. Brake fluid is yellowish in color and is a da ... read more


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