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What Is That Shaking When i Am Braking?"

"What is that shaking when I am braking?" This vibration from your brakes can be very slight at high braking or just about take the steering wheel out of your hands when coming to a stop. All newer vehicles have front disc brakes and more manufacturers are switching to rear disc brakes instead of drum brakes. If you have ever had a bicycle with the hand brakes, there is a caliper that squeezes the pads on each side of the rim to stop. The disc brakes on your car are similar but the brake pads are squeezed against a metal disc (called a brake rotor) by a hydraulic caliper to stop. What causes that shaking while braking is uneven thickness of the rotor. Sometimes rotors can be resurfaced to make them straight and even. Many newer vehicles are using thinner and lighter rotors, with a different construction. Resurfacing rotors in this case can make them thinner then allowed by the manufacturer and require replacement. Sometimes rotors get thin from normal braking o ... read more

Why do my brakes squeal?

Why do my brakes squeal?

Brake pad engineers tell us all brakes make noise but the trick is to keep it below what the human ear can hear. When your brakes are loud enough for you to hear there are many reasons for this. Brake noise comes from the brake pad or shoe vibrating. Vibration is allowed from weak hardware and/or lack of lubrication of the pad or shoe contact areas where they are mounted. A proper brake service, when pads and shoes are replaced, should always include replacing the hardware that weakens over time. This is due to the heat that is generated naturally from the friction of braking. Sometimes the wrong pad or shoe material is installed and it is too hard which causes squeal. Our professional technicians can determine the best course of action to return your vehicle to smooth and quiet braking


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