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What Is A Timing Belt and Why Do I Have to Have It Replaced?

What Is A Timing Belt and Why Do I Have to Have It Replaced?

The timing belt is very important in the working of your engine. Valves in your engine need to open and close at just the right time, to allow air and fuel in, the fuel to burn and then allow the exhaust to escape. Your timing belt is in charge of this process. In a worse case scenario, a valve can open at the wrong time and slam into the piston. If this happens, the end result could be a very expensive repair bill. Timing belts wear out over time and should be replaced according to factory recommended schedule. This is to be sure that it is replaced before it gets to the point of causing problems. Sometimes they break or are worn and have the teeth stripped, causing a loss of function. Replacing your timing belt is one of your more expensive car maintenance items, but it pales in comparison to the cost of ignoring it, especially if you have an interference engine. As always, our mechanics at ... read more


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