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Should I Get An Alignment ?

I hit a pothole very hard and my truck does not feel right. Should I get my alignment checked? Absolutely have your vehicle checked for any damage that may have occurred. Small changes to the alignment can cause major tire wear in a short period of time. Sometimes suspension and steering components bend or break due to the impact. Sometimes a dangerous situation has occured where as the ball joint stud has spread the tapered mounting hole in the steering knuckle. A situation like this is dangerous as the ball joint stud could snap off as the only thing keeping it from coming out of the knuckle is the lock nut. Having your vehicle inspected by our experienced technicians to determine what has happened to your vehicle at Framerite Auto Repair will keep you driving safely and securely


Auto Maintenance

Car Maintenance Saves You Money In the Long Run

Car Maintenance Saves You Money In the Long Run

We had a Acura TL in to check out for a subframe needing to be welded. What we found was the left front lower control arm forward bushing had separated from the rubber allowing the control arm to rub against the subframe. Unfortunately the metal to metal contact has occured for so long the subframe area is now paper thin. The damage has been done, the subframe now requires replacement. If the bushing separation had been spotted years ago the costs would have been minimal but now it will take one or two thousand dollars to repair. Having your vehicle serviced by a certified technician may cost a little more in the short run but could save you a lot in the long run.


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