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When do shocks and struts need to be replaced?

When do shocks and struts need to be replaced?

When do shocks and struts need to be replaced? The first thing that you need to check is your odometer. If your odometer reads 50,000 miles or more and they have not been replaced, they should be inspected. There are several signs that they need to be replaced. Does your car dip or dive when you stop? This can cause you to have an increase in your braking distance. Do you notice any bumping, swaying or bottoming out? Shocks and struts help you maintain control on uneven surfaces by keeping your tires on the road. Speaking of tires, they can actually give you indications of the need to replace the shocks and struts as well. Look at how your tires are wearing. Do you notice any cupping or chopping? This too can indicate the need for replacement. We are experts at inspecting, advising and replacing shocks and struts if necessary. In fact our experts check them every time you have service. We ... read more


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