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Potholes and Your Car

Potholes and Your Car

Potholes are most certainly a nuisense but they can also cause damage to your car. Your vehicle's tires, wheels and suspension feel the brunt of hitting those potholes. The force of hitting a pothole can cause tire damage, a tread separation or even a flat tire. The wheel itself can become bent and result in the inability to get an airtight seal with the tire. Fortunately, these are issues that you should be able to see upon inspecting your vehicle. Damage to your suspension can also occur causing it to be out of alignment but these are not as easily seen. While you are not able to see this problem, there are warning signs. If you find that your steering wheel is off center, a vibration while driving, tires wearing unevenly, car pulling to one direction or experience the feeling of loose handling, your car's alignment needs to be checked. Obviously, the best offense is t ... read more


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